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The M.A.G. Institute

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Knowing is just the beginning, it doesn't change anything in your life, you just accumulate information, what really matters is making it happen, applying the knowledge you've acquired in your day-to-day.

Your decisions today shape who you will be later on. Each choice, even not choosing, charts your path. Your story, the one you tell yourself and others over and over again,  it's like a script of things you believe in over and over again. Having a life strategy is good, but if what you tell yourself doesn't give you strength, the strategy loses strength. That's why you often know what to do, but you don't do it, you know what decision to make and you don't make it... My question for you is: What story is this that limits you? Free yourself to act with complete confidence!


The M.A.G. Institute

Whether a seedling or a well matured tree, we are building the Maria Antonia Gonçalves (M.A.G.) Institute to be your support and guidance in your onset and as needed when life’s seasons change, and your environment seems unfamiliar.


As an individual or a company, once the decision is made to seek a better way of life, we are here to partner with you. Remember, as an individual, you are the CEO of your life and CEOs of companies, it is proven that corporate success beyond the financial bottom-line is made up of workplace happiness, fulfillment, balance, and inclusion. I challenge you all to lead by example the awakening of change for the better. Watch how you as a tree or your collective of trees which you command elevate as is nature's purpose.

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