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The M.A.G. institute family


"...meaning that an entire community of people must provide for and interact positively with children (individuals) for those children (individuals) to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment. M.A.G. has and continues to partner with like-minded companies and organizations to bring our clients a well rounded, holistic, balanced life, inspired with good health, peace and harmony. 

M.A.G. partners

Working With the Best

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Cape Verde Initiative

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Cape Verde Initiative

We recognize as a heritage of our past, today many communities of people of color still refuse to seek mental, spiritual or emotional assistance for fear of being shamed, ostracized and/or simply being told “there is nothing wrong, get over it”.


We at M.A.G. Institute understand the burden carried by many due to this thinking and although we may not be able to change such an inherited mindset right away, what we can do is lessen the financial burden associated with seeking professional assistance.


Thus, the Cape Verde Initiative is  where we offer individuals that are verified Cape Verdean citizens at 45% initial  savings on services. Understanding change takes time, we are committed and hope through our efforts with each individual, and each session that the acceptance of such service will soon permeate our communities leading to better and more fulfilled lives.


Healthy Foods

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A grocery store in Lisbon where you can buy all your natural and healthy foods in a sustainable way.
Bago grocery store is much more than just a grocery store, its mission is to raise awareness of a healthier and more sustainable diet to each one of us and that is why every month it offers its customers events and workshops where they can learn to live life in a more balanced and sustainable way.
Use the code BAGOMAG to get 10% off the purchase of your choice.


Andreia Caetano

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Andreia Caetano is an Integrative Nutrition Coach and invests her energy in helping her clients achieve positive behavior changes in their food and nutrition. Because we are also what we physically and emotionally feed ourselves, this partnership with M.A.G. Institute reinforces the support we give our clients on the path of becoming their own source of inspiration.

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