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Necklace pendant handmade and exclusively for each person. No two necklaces are alike, as they are executed after purchase and the energy is directed towards the person who will wear it. Your pending can take between 1 to two weeks, the refund is guaranteed if it does not meet your expectations.




In the physical, they act favoring the detoxification of the body and helping the circulation of vital energy (Prana or Chi) through the meridians.

In the Emotional, they help balance feelings, reduce anxiety and improve cases of sadness or discouragement.

Mentally, they help to significantly improve the clarity of thoughts and help us find solutions to all kinds of problems.




It is used in medical science for many ailments, especially in combating inflammatory diseases.

Very useful when used in conjunction with other stones, it helps to stabilize the metabolism and reinforce the activities of the cleansing organs and the immune system.

Copper is beneficial for the blood as well as the lungs, improving oxygen exchange and filtering out pollutants.

Soft tissues and mucous membranes retain more moisture and become less susceptible to irritation from copper exposure.

He is considered excellent for increasing the human capacity to express and accept true feelings.

Copper balances personal qualities and self-assertion. It can be used on any part of the body and on jewelry without losing any of its effects.

Those suffering from arthritis or other inflammatory conditions will find relief if they use Copper.

Crystal Quartz and Copper Pendant

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  • Cord is not included with purchase.

    The use of Copper and Crystals are not suggested as a substitute for professional medical treatment, but rather as an adjunct.

    As with other stones, it should be considered primarily as an aid to the healing process, not the healing itself.

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