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Daily Journaling

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Do you have the habit of writing? Why should we write?

They say that writing regularly increases self-awareness, our ability to express ourselves, our memory, our presence in the here and now, and our lucidity. Anyone who knows me already knows that I say that, I understand what they say, but I have to experience it to see if it's true for me. Information only becomes knowledge when it is applied.

I know, however, that writing down everything we feel helps me to process the situations experienced and to have a clearer view of my needs, patterns, fears and desires, thus increasing my discernment and helping to resolve my conflicts. internally or with other people.

We often do things without understanding why or what effects they are having on us. Much suffering is caused by confusion, and writing can help us organize our thoughts. Writing helps in the process of becoming aware of our thoughts and emotions and rereading what we write allows us to see the whole and identify the origin of our feelings, contributing to our mental well-being.

Why you should write?

Writing is an act of introspection and attention to being in the present. In a society where everything is created to distract us, to remove us from our focus and draw our attention, moments where we dedicate ourselves to being with ourselves, understanding and reflecting on what is happening to us on an emotional level, become increasingly necessary.

Writing daily helps us create a self-care routine, which helps us move out of the state of anxiety or depression into a state of full presence, in that moment.

Creating the habit of writing daily can be challenging, we have to constantly remind ourselves of the intention of why we write. We often need a group, a community to help us create that habit where every day at the same time in silence and in a suitable environment we dedicate ourselves to writing what's inside. And one day we found that writing became a habit and now we can walk alone, because we already do it as a routine.

Tips to start your daily writing:

  1. • Observe how you are feeling, notice your emotions, physical sensations, thoughts, tensions, self-criticism and memories. Mindfulness works like a beacon that illuminates what needs to be observed.

  2. • Create a space in your life to dedicate yourself to writing, set a schedule, put on relaxing music, light a candle, do a little meditation before you start writing. Take a look back at everything you've experienced in your day, ask yourself how my emotions were, what emotions I felt throughout the day.

  3. • When you feel it, go read what you wrote. In those moments you can make an assessment of how you were and how you are now, what you have grown what has changed, what patterns you still continue to repeat.

My suggestion is that you commit to writing with total freedom and kindness, without judging yourself. Even if you think you have nothing to write about or that writing isn't going to get you anywhere, try it, do it and only after trying it for 30 consecutive days can you more clearly understand what effect it has on you and if you should let it go, continue or improve. Writing done as an act of sincerity and deep integrity with ourselves can be a gateway to self-knowledge and clarity.

Good writings.

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